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Congratulations to authors Laszlo Szilagyi, Zoltan Tibenszky, Corrado Carta, Ronny Henker, Frank Ellinger of the Technische Univeristat Dresden for their 1st place paper in the category Young Professionals Best Paper Award at WAMICON!  The award was presented April 29 2021 by Steve M Lardizabal and Jing Wang, Technical Program Co-Chairs of WAIMOCN 2020/2021.

Members of MTT will be able to view their paper “6-to-13 GHz Voltage Controlled Oscillator with 7dBm Output Power in 22nm FD-SOI” for free in IEEE Explore later this year.  Past proceedings of the conference, held annually in sunny Florida, are available here.

Volunteers of MTT and YP also organized a panel “Young Professionals – Thriving Career in the RF world”.  Our thanks to Dr. Caitlyn Cooke, Dr. Alberto Canabal, Mr. Luis Ledezma, and moderator Eduardo A. Rojas Nastrucci for a well-received session.

Also at WAMICON, YP leader Dr. Michael Grady organized the student poster competition for 2021.