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About the journal

MTT-S Publications are highly regarded by authors and readers. MTT-S Publications are made available on-line through Xplore. This is packaged as the IEEE Xplore Digital Library Subscriptions and to members of IEEE as the Member Digital Library. The Member Digital Library, for members only, makes available single articles or 25 items/month from IEL. Electronic access to the societies publications can be accessed by subscribing in a similar manner to subscribing to the print versions of the periodicals. All of the Society’s intellectual property dating back to 1955 are available.

There are 70,000 Xplore downloads of articles from of the Transactions of the Society every month. This is the 2nd most popular electronically downloadable IEEE publication. The Letters are ranked 5th of all IEEE Letters. Altogether there are 4,000,000 downloads of articles from Xplore each month and up to 6,000 users in any one hour interval. Until 2003 only articles since 1988 were available electronically.