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The Microwaves and Theory and Technology Society (MTT-S) is a Technical Society within the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). To become a member of the MTT-Society, please check this pageThe Society is comprised and run by volunteers among their own membership. Members of the Society review and select technical manuscripts for publication. They organize and hold both regional and international technical events. And they organize chapters locally which provide opportunities for networking and technical lectures and discussions. Although a technical professional working in the microwave field is not required to be a member of IEEE or MTT-S in order to take advantage of most Society events and publications, involved members are a requirement for the Society to function.

Society membership provides a great opportunity to influence technology developments and offers numerous benefits.


Saying that the IEEE holds the world’s repository of electronics knowledge is only a slight embellishiment of the truth. And similarly, the MTT-Society can be said to hold the repository of all microwave electronics knowledge. MTT-Society publications date back to 1952 and all of the publications are available electronically to subscribers via IEEE Xplore. The MTT-Society publications are peer reviewed technical periodicals. The technical editorial staff is comprised entirely of MTT-S member volunteers.


The MTT-Society consists of approximately 11,000 members worldwide. The Society technically or financially sponsors over 50 conferences, workshops or other events each year. IEEE members get discounted attendance fees for most of these events. The largest microwave conference sponsored by the MTT-Society is the International Microwave Symposium (IMS). The conference draws tens of thousands of attendees from all over the globe and includes a vendor exhibition with hundreds of vendors of microwave products. This events includes a full week of technical paper presentations, workshops, panel sessions, as well as social events. The week-long IMS (as well as all other sponsored events) is organized entirely by member volunteers of the MTT-Society.


In many areas of the world where there is significant microwave industry, government, or academic activity, local chapters of the MTT-Society have been formed. These local groups of MTT-S volunteers organize meetings with technical speakers, seminars, workshops, and short courses on a regular basis. Chapter sizes vary from about a dozen to hundreds of engineers. Local chapter meetings are a great place to meet and network with other microwave engineers and also a great opportunity to become involved as a volunteer organizer. more


As MTT-S celebrates its 70th anniversary this year in 2022, we would like to recognize the IEEE members who have been MTT-S member for 50 or more years (click here for names).