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State of the Industry: Diversity in the Workplace

I participated in the Women in Engineering (WIE) panel discussion held at the 2022 Design Automation Conference (DAC) last summer, which brought out some wonderful pieces of insight and advice from myself and fellow women tech leaders on the panel on the importance of diversity in the workplace (you can read the article here).
I recently read a report published last fall by McKinsey & Co. for Women in the Workplace in partnership with Leanin.org that says the needs of women in the workplace are by and large not being met and they are leaving in unprecedented numbers, both older, experienced women in leadership roles and younger women just embarking on their careers. This information is disheartening, especially considering the years of work I and fellow WIM members have done to promote diversity in our organizations and encourage young women to join the tech force. I’ve written an article connecting the McKinsey Report to the DAC panel female leaders and giving my call to action for the future.

Please take a look and join our WIM movement to do more and do it better!


-Sherry Hess
WIM Chair 2023