The Distinguished Microwave Instructor (DMI)

  • The DMI is supported by the Education Committee of IEEE MTT-S Administrative Committee, which aims at providing opportunities for undergraduate or tertiary students to stimulate their interests and bridge their microwave career pathway.
  • Through the DMI program, many well-known microwave instructors will introduce the history of microwave technologies, the evolution of modern microwave systems, and the cutting-edge microwave technologies to be used in our daily lives in the foreseeable future. The instructors will share their growth in the field of the microwave.

Being A Part of The DMI Program

  • The instructors will reveal the mysterious veil of “microwave” and introduce the microwave technologies, devices, systems, and applications in our daily lives.
  • The participants will understand the ground-breaking achievement that “microwave” technologies have made to human civilization.

Engaging with the instructors, the participants will reach out the excellent educational resources available at MTT-S communities, touch the evolution of microwave engineering and feel the changing the world through vibrant technologies of 5G, 6G, virtual reality, telepresence, and unmanned vehicles.

The DMI Workshop

There are three DMI workshops to be held globally in Region 10, Region 8, and Regions 1-7 & 9, respectively. Please check out the schedules on MTT-S website.


The recordings of previous DMI workshops are free to watch in MTT-S resources center