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The MTT-S each year carefully selects a group of Distinguished Microwave Lecturers (DMLs) who are internationally recognized experts and technical leaders in their fields within the Society. The deadline of nomination for the 2024-2026 Class has passed. The selection process is underway.

The scope of the DML program is well known and has been very successful: we need excellent speakers on topics that are of interest to a broad audience. Please note that DML talk is expected to differ from a typical expert technical talk, in that it must be specifically designed for broader audiences. Moreover, it is recommended that the DML nomination be a balanced geographical representation of membership. Applicants in the IEEE Region 10, Latin America, and Africa are encouraged. Female applicants are also encouraged.

The DML candidates can be nominated by MTT-S Technical Committee (TC) Chairs, AdCom Members, Chapter Chairs or Self-Nomination:

TC Chairs: It is expected that a significant number of nominations are made by TCs. In case of having multiple suitable candidates, TCs can now nominate (or endorse) more than one candidate applying for DML.

AdCom Members: MTT-S AdCom members can nominate DMLs directly to the DML selection committee. However, coordination with and endorsement by the relevant TCs is highly encouraged.

Chapter Chairs and Self-Nomination: The DML selection committee is also accepting nominations from MTT-S Chapter Chairs as well as self-nominations from individuals. Similarly, endorsement by a TC should be sought in advance to receive early feedback. It is important that you contact the relevant TC for endorsement well in advance of the deadline. You can find the list of areas along with the name and contact details of TC chairs here: https://www.mtt.org/technical-committee-listing/. Nominations without endorsement from TC may be eliminated without review.

As usual, relevant TCs will be contacted for the initial evaluation of the candidates prior to evaluations by the DML selection committee. Furthermore, the finalists will be interviewed by the selection committee through WebEx. The proposed DML list will be approved at AdCom Summer meeting.

The required nomination package should include:

  • Title and abstract of the talk.
  • Biography (maximum 300 words), CV, and affiliation (including region and country) of the candidate.
  • Information on the speaker’s communication/presentation skills. (For example, records of speeches in public and reference letters.)
  • A representative set of 10 sample slides.
  • A 10-minute sample video of the candidate’s presentation. It is encouraged to have a video that represents the candidate’s proposed talk. Examples of such videos can be found on the current (2022-2024) DMLs’ pages at [https://mtt.org/distinguished-microwave-lecturers/ and click on Watch Video].
  • Endorsement email from the TC Chair.

The DML candidate will agree to:

  • Comply with the IEEE travel guidelines.
  • Provide a 10-minute condensed talk video to be posted on the MTT-S DML website.
  • Give talks in multiple geographical regions requested by DML Coordinator.
  • Take a few minutes during the talk to mention about the MTT-S membership and benefits (information is provided to DMLs).
  • Spend technical/social time with attendees/students and be willing to help them.
  • Contribute an article to the IEEE Microwave Magazine on their talk topic by the end of the first year.
  • Contribute to the Webinar Program.
  • Seek partial lodging and meal support from Chapter and/or speaker’s institution to offset the costs.

The deadline of nomination for the 2024-2026 Class has passed.  For more information/inquiries, please contact the DML Selection Committee Chair Professor J.-C. Chiao.