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IEEE publishes books in the fields of electrical, electronics and computer engineering. The books are co-branded with John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Many of them are sponsored by MTT-S through the IEEE Press Series on RF and Microwave Technology.

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  • Finite Element Method for Electromagnetics: Antennas, Microwave Circuits, and Scattering Applications by John L. Volakis, University of Michigan; Arindam Chatterjee, Hewlet; Hardcover;1998;ISBN 0-7803-3425-6; Product No.: PC5698-TBR.
  • Active Antennas and Quasi-Optical Arrays by Amir Mortazwi, Tatsuo Itoh, and James Harvey; Hardcover;1998;ISBN 0-7803-3486-8; Product No.: PC5740-TBR.
  • Engineering Electromagnetic Compatibility, Second Edition Principles, Measurements, Technologies, and Computer Models by V. Prasad Kodali, Government of India; Hardcover;2001;ISBN 0-7803-4743-9; Product No.: PC5858-TBR.
  • Field Theory of Guided Waves, 2/e by Robert E. Collin, Case Western Reserve University; Hardcover;1991;ISBN 0-8794-2237-8; Product No.: PC2568-TBR.
  • Foundations for Microwave Engineering: Second Edition by Robert E. Collin, Case Western University; Hardcover;2001;ISBN 0-7803-6031-1; Product No.: PC5879-TBR.
  • Frontiers in Electromagnetics edited by Douglas H. Werner and Raj Mittra, Penn State University; Hardcover;2000;ISBN 0-7803-4701-3; Product No.: PC5754-TBR.
  • High-Power Microwave Sources and Technologies by Robert J. Barker, U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research; Hardcover;2001;ISBN 0-7803-6006-0; Product No.: PC5841-TBR.
  • Introduction to Microwave Circuits: Radio Frequency and Design Applications by Robert J. Weber, Iowa State University; Hardcover;2001;ISBN 0-7803-4704-8; Product No.: PC5758-TBR.
  • Microstrip Antennas: The Analysis and Design of Microstrip Antennas and Arrays edited by David Pozar, and Daniel Schaubert, University of Massachuset; Hardcover;1995;ISBN 0-7803-1078-0; Product No.: PC4325-TBR.
  • Microwave Mobile Communications by William C. Jakes, Retired, AT&T Bell Labs; Hardcover;1994;ISBN 0-7803-1069-1; Product No.: PC4234-TBR.
  • Quasioptical Systems: Gaussian Beam Quasioptical Propogation and Applications by Paul F. Goldsmith, Cornell University; Hardcover;1998;ISBN 0-7803-3439-6; Product No.: PC3079-TBR.
  • Radio Frequency Principles and Applications: The Generation, Propagation, and Reception of Signals and Noise
    RF Technologies for Low-Power Wireless Communications by Tatsuo Itoh, George Haddad, James Harvey; Hardcover;2001;ISBN 0-4713-8267-1; Product No.: PC8267-TBR.
  • The Transmission-Line Modeling Method TLM by Christos Christopoulos, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom; Hardcover;1995;ISBN 0-7803-1017-9; Product No.: PC3665-TBR.
  • Time-Domain Methods for Microwave Structures Analysis and Design edited by Tatsuo Itoh, UCLA, and Dr. Bijan Houshmand, Jet Propulsion Labs; Hardcover;1998;ISBN 0-7803-1109-4; Product No.: PC4630-TBR.
  • Wave Propagation and Scattering in Random Media by Akira Ishimaru; Softcover;1997;ISBN 0-7803-4717-X; Product No.: PP5677-TBR.
  • Time-Harmonic Electromagnetic Fields by Roger F. Harrington; Hardcover;2001;ISBN 0-471-20806-X; Product No.: PC0806-TBR.