Society History

Society Timeline

Jan 1912
Foundation of IRE

To appreciate the importance of the MTT Society, one has to go back to the early period of radio development.

Jan 1948
Early Development of Microwave Technology

To learn more about the history of US defense electronics (including microwave theory and techniques), visit the National...

mar 1951
IRE Involvement

Most of the microwave people knew each other. They were all more or less familiar with the companies that were doing business in the field...

mar 1952
Formal group for microwaves within IRE

Included with the letter was a petition for the formation of the group. The letter stated a concern for possible conflicts with the...

may 1952
The first Committee

The members of the first committee, which had its first meeting on May 1, 1952, included Ben Warriner as Chairman, Andre Clavier as Vice Chairman...

Nov 1952
The First Symposium

The first symposium was held in New York City, on November 7, 1952, at the Western Union Auditorium.

Mar 1953
The First Transactions

In March 1953, one issue of the TRANSACTIONS was published. It consisted of 48 pages and was made up of 13 articles and one abstract.

Sep 1954
The First Newsletter

The first newsletter was published on September 10, 1954.

Jan 1963
Became IEEE Professional Technical Group

Became "IEEE Professional Technical Group on Microwave Theory and Techniques".

May 1964
IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Group

Changed to "IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Group".

Jan 1974
IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society

Became "IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society".

Aug 2022
IEEE Microwave Theory and Technology Society

In 2022, MTT-S was renamed as IEEE Microwave Theory and Technology Society.