TC Funding Support

IEEE MTT-S AdCom approved funding of US$60K to support activities organized by TCs using the 3% rule funding in 2024. This initiative is to provide small financial support to fund activities proposed by TCs. The funding will be provided based on competition. The requests can be made online by filling in the application form below. The decision will be made based on quality of the proposal. The proposed activities must be novel and have significant impact, not routing activities already covered by existing funding (e.g., student design competition at IMS). The example activities are as follows:

  • Short courses/training programs for attracting industrial memberships
  • Workshops/webinars/social hours for attracting members from outside MTT-S
  • High impact talks promoting emerging microwave technologies
  • Student Design Competitions outside IMS
  • Technical Committee Recruiting at MTT-S Event (e.g., Panel session, Promotional materials, LinkedIn materials)
  • Technical Committee Development of New Activities

The normal support limit is $2k for each event and each TC can request maximum $4k per year. Co-sponsorship from other sources is strongly encouraged and an event sponsored by multiple TCs may request a larger fund.

The call is open now but the proposed event should be held in 2024. If you have any questions, please contact Prof. Jim Buckwalter (