MTT-S TC Affiliate Membership Initiative

IEEE MTT-S TC Affiliate Membership Initiative

MTT-S currently has 26 Technical Coordination (TC) Committees. The primary objective of these committees is to assure that the MTT-S members receive the best and most updated information about all relevant technical activities within the society’s field of interest. The TCs are active contributors to the advancement of microwave technologies and contribute to the required development and information exchange in these areas of interest by developing appropriate events, activities, and publications.

The MTT-S TC Affiliate Membership Program is intended to introduce more young members of MTT-S to the technical coordination committees. This program will give exposure to Young Professional (YP) members of the society to get involved with the technical experts in various fields of interest ranging from MHz to THz. The Affiliate Members possess equal privileges as regular “Members”, but have no voting rights and cannot be elected as Chair or Vice-Chair of the TC.

For the list of available TCs, kindly refer to MTT-S Technical Committees.

The eligibility criteria for the Affiliate Membership of a Technical Committee are:

  • Must be a Member of MTT-S.  To join MTT-S, click here.
  • Be a Young Professional with a minimum of 3 years professional experience. The Young Professional is defined as an IEEE member within 15 years of the first professional degree. Time spent pursuing a PhD degree is considered as professional experience.
  • Affiliate Member is appointed for a 2-year term by a Technical Committee. The maximum number of Affiliate terms is three.
  • Affiliate Member can be elevated to the Regular Member status at any time during their service.
  • Candidates must submit a CV and a motivation letter with no more than 500 words.

The selected candidates will be notified of their appointment after a review process.

The deadline for the application is May 31st, 2023.