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Empowering Women in Microwave Engineering: Inspiring Stories From Malaysia

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”
— Michelle Obama

In the November 2022 issue of IEEE Microwave Magazine WIM, Fauziahanim Seman describes the remarkable professional journeys of two female engineers from Malaysia who spoke at the 2022 IEEE International RF and Microwave Conference in December 2022. She commenced by elaborating on her personal perspective on the subject of women’s empowerment. She wrote about the real-life struggles of Prof. Norbahiah Misran from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in the first story. Misran won an award for being one of the Top 10 Electronics and Electrical Engineering Scientists in Malaysia in 2021. At the beginning of her career, she had a rough time when her mentor, Prof. Zainol Abidin, died suddenly. Misran had to take over his duties for a lot of grant projects, supervising students, and managerial work. In the second narrative, Prof. Seman shares the inspiring story of Associate Professor Dr. Rosminazuin Ab Rahim, who won the 2021 IEEE Malaysia Outstanding Women in Engineering Volunteers award. She studied a non-English language course at a Kelantan school and university. She studies micromechanical systems. Although Prof. Rahim has six children and is married to a busy doctor, she is passionate about sponsoring STEM outreach programs. She enjoys inspiring students to explore STEM fields. Prof. Rahim aims to foster a STEM-focused future generation by empowering young minds and encouraging social inclusivity.

Read more about their real-life struggles and inspiring stories as a woman microwave engineer.


-Sherry Hess
WIM Chair 2023