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When James Clerk Maxwell, published ‘A Dynamical Theory of Electromagnetic Field’ in 1865, he most certainly would not have fathomed that exactly 150 years hence, there shall be the brightest minds in Bangalore congregating to ponder upon his gift to mankind, ‘The Electromagnetic Theory’. It was due to the initiative of IEEE Young Professionals and IEEE Bangalore Section in association with CST India, that this was made possible. Such was the excitement about the most prominent discovery in Physics, ranked second only to Newton’s discovery that over 300 participants had registered for a workshop conducted on Recent Trends in Microwave and RF. After which, 100 bright minds were shortlisted following careful scrutiny.

The workshop was conducted on 1 August 2015, in Hotel Novotel Bengaluru Techpark, with an illustrious bunch of likeminded engineers, who rattled their brains on CST Studio Suite to be abreast of the recent developments made in the plethora of Microwave and RF. The workshop enlightened the participating delegation on various bullets which included Numerical Techniques in CST, which is a popular antenna modeling system for wire and surface antennas. The mentors then elucidated upon various simulations for the Numerical Techniques, including Antenna & Microwave simulations, Modelling and Simulation of Metamaterial based devices, Simulation of Potical Applications, BioEM simulations for improved medical diagnosis and treatment. The students were also taught how to use Solvers and Ports, and were also made aware of the various boundary conditions that could be applied while doing so.

The session ended with giving the participating delegates an opportunity to have a hands-on experience on the simulation kits. The trainers ensured that none of the queries go unresolved, and hence they elaborately solved each query put forth by the students. The witty organizers had arranged for a quiz contest after the training to gauge the understanding of the participants. The delegation came out with some very interesting answers. The organizers were certain that this enlightened lot of 100 would apply the techniques learnt in their unique way and will come out with some great results in the near future, which Maxwell shall be proud of staring down from heaven.