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The IEEE and MTT-S Young Professionals event at the 11th IEEE Radio and Wireless Week (RWW 2017), which concluded on 16th January 2017, was a great success. The workshop was an excellent platform for sharing knowledge among the wireless community. Young professionals from all over the Phoenix area took part in this workshop, giving them the opportunity to speak and network with executives from the wireless industry.

The focus of the workshop was “Shaping the Career for the next Generation Wireless Technologies”. The workshop was addressed by the following industry leaders and the wireless communication domain experts, Paul Hart, Senior Vice President of RF Power at NXP Semiconductors; Bob Sankman, Fellow, Intel; Fred Schindler, Design Center Director, Qorvo; and Carl A. Davenport, General Manager of IOT, Intel. These leaders talked about the present wireless technologies and upcoming technologies in the near future, like 5G. Speakers addressed the present and future technological challenges which academia and industry will have to face. Since billions and billions of the devices get connected to the internet every year. The need for secure and fast connection has increased tremendously over the past few years. On one hand the evolving technologies poses great set of challenges to be answered for, on other hand it also provides tons of opportunities to young professionals.

Internet of Things (IoT) was one of the major topics of discussion at this workshop. To turn the present Sci-Fi concept of smart cities into reality, the IoT devices will play a major role. Everything which we see around us will be communicating to the network and to each other. The much-discussed topic at present “self-driving cars” needs more and more sensors to sense the surrounding and need very fast and secure connection to be able to communicate with other vehicles and road signs such as signals and stop sign. Data storage, data security, and fast data transmission will play a major role in smart cities. The vision and challenges of wireless challenges require students and young professional to develop the appropriate skill sets to tackle those challenges. Students and young professional have certainly learned and got aware of what skills they need to work on to suit themselves better to the future needs.

Apart from technical challenges and skills our speakers even addressed the very important but mostly ignored skills especially by engineers, “soft skills”. To get best out of the company or to solve the very challenging problem, everyone should be a team player rather than an individual working alone. Speakers share their views with students as for how to get the maximum out of the internships and how to make a significant impact in the company as soon after joining, Do and don’t’s of a successful engineer. They also share few of their anecdotes. Overall the workshop was a great success catering both to students and young professionals both learned from this workshop.

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Shrikant Singh, Arizona State University