IEEE Microwave Magazine – November 2023

November 2023 Issue

The November issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is out! We have a fascinating set of features and a very informative set of columns in this issue. For the real low down on this issue please read the Editor’s Desk column – but for now this summary will have to do.

Our three features cover a fun variety of topics. The first feature looks at polar mode power amplifier enhancements to improve the efficiency and reliability of those airplane landing navigation systems. Our second feature takes a tour of the interaction between RF hardware and hackers. Learn about RF fingerprinting and hardware Trojans. Finally, a lot of progress is being made in monitoring vitals signs with RF. Chipless RFID tags are described that help medical professionals.

As much as I enjoy what I learn from the features I really enjoy our columns. Please check out our President’s Column. Our society is working harder than ever to bring more benefits to its members. Our distinguished lecturer series is a focus of this month’s column. Many of our columns share what is going on in our society. The MTT-S Society News column covers our Filter Technical Committee (TC-5). They have been active in workshops, student design competitions and distinguished lecturers. Our Conference Report column has a look at inter-society efforts and the joint Women in Microwaves and Young professionals Panel at IMS2023. There is a lot of good advice in this column. And speaking of good advice, the Women in Microwaves column has a collection of inspiring and empowering stories from Malaysia. Everyone should give this a read.

Some of our columns are more technical. Our MicroBusiness explores the rise of the machines since the 1800’s and what artificial intelligence means for future jobs and society. Our Microwave Surfing column discusses wireless communication, photo phones and muon based navigation. This month we have a book review. Our Book/Software Reviews column looks at an overview of active array antennas from the past 30 years. Who can resist new products? Our New Products column covers everything from 0.15 micron pHEMTs to new filters and octave band amplifiers. Online courses have been around for almost 50 years and our Educator’s Corner takes on how to do online exams correctly. Speaking of exams, our Enigmas, etc. column looks at how in-phase and quadrature representations relate to real and “imaginary” representations.

Finally, check out the Conference Calendar!

Summary by Alfy Riddle, Ph.D.
Quanergy Solutions, Inc.

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