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Radiated Electromagnetic Emission for Integrated Circuit Authentication

Counterfeit integrated circuits are a growing problem with economic and safety implications. Semiconductor makers and embedded-system designers are looking for ways of making sure that chips really are what they purport to be. The authors propose fingerprinting each IC’s electromagnetic radiation emissions using a variability-aware circuit configuration, and demonstrate its performance on two different FPGA families.

SAFETY RF Radiation and Cancer

The October IEEE Journal of Electromagnetics, RF and Microwaves in Medicine and Biology publishes assessments of the RF radiation’s health effects. Read “Cancer Occurrences in Laboratory Rats from Exposure to RF and Microwave Radiation” by James C. Lin.

RF SHIELDING Frequency-Selective Textile

Frequency selective surface (FSS) developed on a textile that is neither rigid nor smooth. The textile can reject millimeter-wave radiation in a narrow band, while retaining desirable textile properties such as flexibility and breathability.

PUBLICATIONS Microwave Magazine Columns Win Publication Award

Three columns by Fred Schindler in IEEE Microwave Magazine won Apex Awards for publication excellence. The magazine was one of three IEEE publications cited in the September awards announcement.

IDENTIFICATION Chip-less RFID Reading Systems

Design and validation of a cost-effective cross-polarization technique for reading chip-less radio frequency identification tags from total backscatter signals, irrespective of tag orientation.

MTT.ORG Zero-Power Sensors in “Technology News”

A new long-distance communication system for near-zero-power sensors is among the Technology News items reported at MTT.org.

PRODUCTION Cheap, High-Performance Metal-Plating for Waveguides

A simple and cheap metal-plating procedure for plastic 3-D printed microwave components, achieving high dimensional accuracy and quality factors better than 6400.

MEASUREMENT 2-D Electro-Optical Imaging of THz Wavefronts

A new wavefront sensor for terahertz pulses using a direct two-dimensional electro-optic imaging system composed of a ZnTe crystal and a CMOS camera.

BIOMEDICAL Sensor/Antenna Interface for Implantable Monitor

An injection-locked divide-by-four circuit capture harvests RF energy and also generates a low-noise 402 MHz carrier. On-chip digital control allows biomedical signal transmission.

COMING UP Antennas, Asia Pacific, Mediterranean, Measurement

Upcoming MTT-S-sponsored meetings include Microwaves, Antennas, Communications and Electronic Systems (COMCAS, Tel Aviv, 13-15 Nov.), Asia Pacific Microwaves (APMC, Kuala Lumpur, 13-16 Nov.), Mediterranean Microwaves (Marseilles, 28-29 Nov.), and the 90th ARFTG Microwave Measurement Symposium (Boulder, CO, 28 Nov.-1 Dec.)


X-Band Full-wave Analysis of Aircraft with Inlets

WIPL-D Domain Decomposition Solver combines GPU accelerated full-wave solutions of inlets/resonant-cavities with solutions of other aircraft parts. Bistatic/monostatic RCS in X-band of combat aircraft are obtained in only 2-4 iterations.


Tenure Track Assistant/Associate Professor – RF and Microwave Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is seeking a full time tenure-track faculty member. To learn more, please click http://explorejobs.uml.edu/lowell/en-us/job/492575/tenure-track-assistantassociate-professor-rf-microwave-engineering.

Have Something to Share With MTT-S Colleagues?

Members of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society who want to share information about events, conferences, contests, publications, or other topics of interest to MTT-S colleagues are invited to e-mail Newsletter Working Group chair Xun Gong (xun.gong@ucf.edu) and newsletter editor Douglas McCormick (douglas.mccormick.us@ieee.org).