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Perfect Isolation: Coping with Self-Jamming in Passive RFID Systems

Passive RF identification readers transmit a continuous-wave signal to remotely power up batteryless transponders. At the same time, they receive a backscattered signal at the same frequency. Strong continuous-wave signals can leak into the receiver, drowning out backscattered signals. Fixing the problem requires high-dynamic-range capability in the low-noise amplifier and mixer, as well as in the baseband amplifiers and ADCs.

CALL FOR PAPERS Enter the “Three Minute Thesis” Competition at IMS2017

New for IMS2017, the Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Competition is designed for eligible students and Young Professionals, who will present a version of their accepted IMS2017 paper in three minutes or less, supported only by one static slide, in a language appropriate to a non-specialist audience.

THZ TECHNOLOGY THz Time-Domain Spectroscopy of Skin for In-Body Nanonetworks

Using terahertz (THz) time-domain spectroscopy in the 0.1–2.5 THz band, researchers measured skin’s electromagnetic properties relevant to in-body nanonetworks, including path loss and noise temperature. Dermal refractive index was 2.1 and absorption coefficient was 18.45 cm−1 at 1 THz.

SOCIETY IEEE Young Professionals Israel Section – A New Beginning

The Israel Young Professionals affinity group was established in April, 2016. The importance of the new group is clear: Israel is a major technological hub with a significant number of high-quality engineers who, until now, have been without official representation in IEEE.

TESTING Contactless On-Wafer MEMS for Production Monitoring

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are widely used in consumer electronics, medical devices, and industrial equipment. They are inexpensive to fabricate, but test systems are needed for the “mechanical” in MEMS. A new approach helps evaluate the stiffness of silicon membranes in MEMS microphones.

CALL FOR PAPERS Wireless Power Transfer Conference, Taipei, 10-12 May 2017

The deadline for submitting preliminary papers to the 2017 Wireless Power Transfer Conference in Taipei, Taiwan is 6 February 2017. Topics include technologies, transmitters, receivers, IC systems, applications, and other aspects for wireless power transfer and energy harvesting. Final papers are due 5 April.

PROPAGATION Integrated Remote Antenna for Distributed MIMO Systems

A fully integrated remote antenna unit for fiber-fed distributed multiple-input multiple-output systems incorporates a novel switch control and is designed for narrowband (60 MHz) time-division duplex systems, where fiber is chosen to accommodate low-cost optical components and integrated photodetectors.

ASSISTANCE Apply for 2017 Fellowships and Scholarships by 5 Novemer

The IEEE Microwave Theory and Technology Society offers financial assistance to graduate, undergraduate, and pregraduate students. Don’t miss the great opportunity to be the next recipient. The new submission deadline is 5 November 2016. The automated application is available now, and detailed instructions will be posted.

ITS Car Talk: Technologies for Vehicle-to-Roadside Communications

The vision for intelligent transportation systems includes communication between vehicles and road infrastructure in the 5.9-GHz band to propagate information for passenger safety and efficient traffic management. Right now, the application layer includes three categories: road safety, traffic efficiency, and the catch-all “other.”

FUTURE MEETINGS In November & December: Microwave Photonics, Mediterranean Microwave, Microwave & RF

The upcoming MTT-S meetings for 2016 include Microwave Photonics (Long Beach, CA, 31 Oct-3 Nov), Mediterranean Microwave (Abu Dhabi, 14-16 Nov.), International Microwave and RF (Delhi, 5-9 Dec.), Asia Pacific Microwaves (Delhi, 5-9 Dec.), Latin America Microwaves (Puerto Vallarta, 12-14 Dec.)


New 802.11ad Test Solution

The new E7760A wideband transceiver from Keysight Technologies (Santa Rosa, CA) is an integrated test solution that supports the IEEE 802.11ad wireless standard for over-the-air testing of 60 GHz signals with a bandwidth of 2 GHz, using embedded software that runs all required 802.11ad tests, allowing users to quickly create and analyze signals on a single screen.

HIL Software Geared to Autonomous Vehicle Testing

National Instruments (Austin, TX) releases VeriStand 2016, the latest version of software used by embedded-systems engineers to build and run hardware-in-loop verification. The release is tailored for developers of systems like the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), automotive radar, and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) required for advanced vehicles.