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MTT25 and MTT10 are jointly sponsoring a half-day workshop on Microwave Nano-biotechnology on June 9, 2017 as part of IMS 2017.

The field of nano-biotechnology sits at the intersection of two rapidly growing fields of research. The ongoing push to scale electronic devices to nanometer-scale and even atomic dimensions has led to the discovery of new nano-materials and new physical phenomena. Meanwhile, new medical insights and treatments are enabled by rapid advances in technology that harnesses our increased understanding of biological systems. Microwaves have a unique role to play in this cross-disciplinary field, for example by providing methods for non-invasive diagnostics and therapies. Furthermore, the development of body-area networks and communications will require a detailed understanding of the interaction of microwave and millimeter-wave radiation with biological systems. Finally, microwave measurements provide a platform non-destructive, spatially-resolved characterization of biological materials at microscopic and nanoscopic length scales.

This workshop explores this emerging area, with emphasis not only on new applications, but also on establishing foundational understanding of the interaction of microwaves with biological systems. One focus of the workshop will be the integration of microwave techniques with microfluidics for a number of applications, including quantitative determination of complex permittivity, local heating, and other microwave-based manipulation techniques. Also of particular interest are microwave probe techniques, including near-field scanning microwave microscopy. Application of such probes to cellular and sub-cellular systems provides non-destructive, subsurface measurement capabilities with nanometer-scale spatial resolution.