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IEEE Microwave Magazine – September 2020

The September issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is out!

While the cover page in large print talks about ‘Lifelong Learning’ there are plenty of technical features as well in addition to education-focused features – a very broad scope both technically and informatively.  On the technical side, we have three technical features that cover quite different topics.  The first article looks at a viable solution to the high data rate problem by the use of integrated silicon photonic circuits.  Operation of these circuits, as well as a comparison of various solutions, are presented by the authors.  The second technical feature discusses the operation of RF samplers and shows the increasing speed of the data converters over time.  These RF sampling circuits are increasingly being found in digital communication systems where the RF is digitized closer to the antenna compared with traditional architectures.  Finally, the authors show a test circuit for a pre-6G direct RF sampling system and discuss its performance.  The third technical feature provides an in-depth review of various impedance transformers, power dividers and combiners, while introducing techniques for designers to use.

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