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IEEE Microwave Magazine – September 2019

The September issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is out. The theme for this issue is putting Theory into Practice. Our industry is continually evolving with biomedical applications, terahertz frequencies, RFID everywhere, RADARs in our cars, and taking advantage of 3D printers. The feature articles in this issue are a tour of how our industry is getting more personal. Our first feature discusses how terahertz frequencies are helping characterize breast tumors. Our second feature gives a comprehensive overview of chipless and chipped RFIDs. And our third feature takes on a tour of how RADARs are now in our cars and making our roads safer. This last article will teach you all about the technical details and application of automotive RADAR. And this issue has an Application Note which looks into how 3D printers are changing waveguide components. What used to be an expensive process of machining away lots of metal can now be an efficient process of building up a component with no loss of material – although surface roughness and conductivity are factors to be considered.

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