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IEEE Microwave Magazine – March 2019

The March issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is out! And this issue focuses on designing circuits. The title of the issue is “Completing the Circuit.” The circuit design feature articles describe the techniques of substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) design, satellite communication filters designed considering temperature, and connector transition design. Plus there is a last Student Design Competition winner from IMS2018 which describes a 16-QAM Wireless Transmitter. You will find more details on these articles in the Editor’s Desk column where the Editor-in-Chief also expresses his appreciation for the patience of those authors who were caught in the backlog of magazine articles.

As usual the magazine contains many interesting columns. The President’s column on diversity dovetails with the Women in Microwaves column on the problem of retaining women in engineering. Our surfing column discusses communications and hacking while the business column explores alternating currents as applied to careers  and raising children. And there is also an application note on monopulse radars which includes a sidebar on even and odd mode analysis in networks. Our book review this month covers all about wireless networking. And our education column discusses the many webinars which we have available. Sadly, we also have an In Memoriam column which says goodbye to Barry Perlman who was a prodigy with a Masters degree at 19, an inventor, a past president of our society and very active in the MTT society. Please read the column to find out more about Barry.

Don’t forget to check out the Conference Calendar and as always, enjoy the issue!