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IEEE Microwave Magazine – June 2020

The June issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is out! This issue features microwave filters and if you enjoy filters there is a bit of everything for you. But even if filters are not your focus in life there is plenty in this issue for you. For example, there is another Student Design Competition winner from IMS2019 and this one is on harvesting energy in air. Now back to those filter features – they really something even for those not interested in filters. The filter articles in this issue use 3D printers, waveguides, printed circuit boards and even autonomous tuning. If you have a 3D printer in your lab you know how useful these things are. And everyone can use a bit more automation in their tasks. Each of these articles has a lot of tutorial information which makes them useful for everyone. And technical information is not all the magazine is about. In this issue we celebrate our IEEE Fellows. These people have gone above and beyond to be elevated to Fellow. Join me in reading about what each of them has done and congratulating them.

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