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IEEE Microwave Magazine – June 2019

The June issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is out! The June issue is traditionally about “The Breadth of the MTT” so you will enjoy articles touching on a wide variety of topics. This issue includes an application note with a detailed tutorial on using SPICE to do electromagnetic simulations through the partial element equivalent circuit (PEEC) method. This technique can help you approximate many printed circuit board traces without resorting to a full electromagnetic simulator. Our other articles span the range from integrated magnetics to the evolution of power amplifiers. And in between we have very practical articles on how cognitive radio can sense open spectrum (or white space) and how chipless RFID can bring the cost of RFID down toward bar code levels. Our integrated magnetics article provides an excellent overview of magnetics and a different use of spin than is discussed in our MicroBusiness column. And the 5G power amplifier article is not just another bit in the evolution of power amplifiers but a nice examination of the evolutionary tree of power amplifiers.