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IEEE Microwave Magazine – July 2020

The July 2020 issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is out!
This month’s issue is one of our breadth issues, and contains a variety of technical features.  As always, read the Editor’s Desk for a lengthy overview of the articles in this month’s issue. The first technical feature presents a new look at dielectric resonators that are differentially fed, providing a means to excite out of phase fields while suppressing the in-phase fields, thus yielding a means to keep the fields the same as their eigenmodes.  Of special note is the extensive background provided to help improve understanding of the technique.  The second technical feature looks at different low noise amplifier techniques for software defined radios (SDR).  The authors cover both wideband and multiband low noise amplifier approaches and examine different circuit topologies to see the wide range of circuit techniques for improved performance in SDRs. A number of comparison tables are provided so the reader can see the trade-offs in the various designs. We also have one of our Application Notes for you in this issue. This 16 QAM system design could be used in microwave course laboratories, or by microwave engineers who like to “tinker” with hardware.  The final technical paper is from one of the winners of the IMS2019 Student Design Competitions (SDC) and provides not only a nice explanation of the winning design, but is also a good tutorial on the mathematics and circuit/processing techniques used to build the winning circuit.

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