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IEEE Microwave Magazine – July 2019

Our July issue of the Magazine is out! We have some really great feature articles this month, as usual. Three features and an Application Note to be exact. Our first article covers what type of signals are best for electrical interconnects. Not just wireless signals, which have more complicated modulation schemes. The need to get more bits in fewer wires and having the processing power to decode signals has really changed wired connections. Multilevel digital signals have some distinct advantages and the trade offs are discussed in the first article. Our second article is titled Pole-Zero Identification but is really about stability analysis. We can calculate K-Factors from S-Parameters but our multistage amplifiers need methods well beyond K-Factor analysis. Have a read about using this signal processing technique to aid your stability analysis. And if you thought all circulators used ferrites and were bulky, then read our third feature and find out about how the world is changing. Being able to have circulators on a CMOS chip will change many things and none more than simultaneous transmit and receive (STAR or full duplex). Check out our article and learn about the problems and the solutions. Application Notes are different from our normal tutorial or overview articles – they will focus as a tutorial on a particular circuit or technique and not so much overview depth. This issue discusses ring resonators in planar balanced circuits.

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