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IEEE Microwave Magazine – December 2019

The December issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is out! The December issue celebrates Radio & Wireless Week which is in San Antonio, Texas, this coming January. So this issue has a set of columns devoted to Radio & Wireless Week. The Symposium Chairs give you a Welcome and the Technical Chair gives you a program overview. But Radio & Wireless Week is about more than just the Radio and Wireless Symposium. Other columns tell you about the SiRF conference, ARFTG, as well as IoT Vertical and Topical Summits. And you get a tour of what else you can do while you are in San Antonio. The Guest Editor’s column will give you more details about the technical features in this issue – but just to get you interested I’ll mention that the features are linked to this set of conferences and summits and give you an idea of their state of the art and how they will impact your future. No matter what you are interested in there is something in this issue for you. There is an antenna feature on Si arrays There is also an overview of the CMOS VCO state-of-the-art. And moving up the food chain there is a feature on remote sensing helping agriculture. For those keeping up with 5G there is a feature on 5G RF infrastructure.

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