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The Last, But Not the Least

Mohaira Ahmad shares her heart-warming journey in the world of microwaves for the June IEEE Microwave Magazine WIM column. She describes her experiences growing up in Pakistan and trying to pursue an engineering career in a culture that does not value women pursuing technical roles. Fortunately, her family was very supportive, and she was able to attend the National University of Science and Technology, subsequently earning her master’s and PhD degrees while simultaneously raising a family.

Mohaira believes: “Women in any area of the field should start shouting for other women; this will create a wave of good words, and women will get the required visibility. We women should learn the art of surrounding ourselves with positive and supportive people and saying NO to negative vibes. This type of mindset will help us to create a work-life balance, and we will be able to make happy human beings too.”

Read about Mohaira’s experiences as a woman microwave engineer in Pakistan.


-Sherry Hess
WIM Chair 2023