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The July WIM column features a recap by Prof. Rodica Ramer, who organized the very successful WIM event at the 2021 APMC conference, which was to be held in Brisbane, Australia, but because of health restrictions, became a virtual event.

The hour-and-a-half event featured seven virtual speakers from around the world discussing their research, including Rodica (University of New South Wales, Sydney), Prof. Rashaunda Henderson (University of Texas, Dallas), Linda Katehi (University of California, Davis), Asimina Kiourti (Ohio State University), Daniela Dragomirescu (Institut National Des Sciences Appliquees, Toulouse, France), Alessandra Costanzo (University of Bologna, Italy), Zlatica Marinkovic (University of Nis, Serbia), Ye He (Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China), and Stephanie Smith (CSIRO Space & Astronomy, Australia).

Despite the virtual limitations, the presenters and attendees celebrated the outstanding contributions of women in electrical and electronics engineering from the U.S., to Europe, to Asia. You can read Prof. Ramer’s article here to learn the fascinating details of these outstanding womens’ research.