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We are extremely excited to announce the publication of the Inaugural Issue of our new open-access journal: IEEE Journal of Microwaves. The Inaugural Issue, which includes 500+ pages of quality content covering a broad swath of the microwave field, can be accessed from IEEE Xplore now.  You also can sign up for a free print copy to be direct mailed to you on our web site.

With the release of our Inaugural Issue of the IEEE Journal of Microwaves, we christen the first fully-open access technical journal focused exclusively on microwaves and spanning the entire field – from science to invention; from theory to applications; from astronomy, chemistry, biology and physics to engineering and technology; from nanowatt to gigawatt; and from MHz to THz. In this, and future volumes, we will be publishing high quality technical articles covering all aspects of microwave science, technology, and applications in sub-disciplines both within, and occasionally beyond traditional engineering. We plan to broaden our appeal and our readership by including both overview and review articles on a wide variety of subtopics. These will both consolidate current knowledge, making it convenient for expert referrals, and serve as a learning tool for individuals just starting out in the microwave field.

More information can be found from here.