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Flexible Devices, Circuits and Systems Solutions to RF and mmW Front-ends for 5G Cellular CommunicationsWMD: The continuing growth in demand for high data rate is driving the 5G cellular communications. These communications need to be flexible enough to accommodate all the present and future diverse uses. Available millimeter-wave bands are able to respond to the increasing data traffic, since new technologies and innovative circuit topologies can offer system flexibility. Another critical challenge for the future 5G is the output power over a large frequency range keeping high linearity – to address complex modulation schemes – and low cost requirement. This asks for other complex solution, implementing beam forming networks for instance, with their advantage on spectral flexibility but practical constraint on the front end circuit itself. In this workshop, academic and industry experts will focus on flexible devices, circuits and systems solutions used or imagined in different RF and mmW front-ends, that would pave the way for next 5G cellular communications.Presentations in this session:WMD-1 : Self-contained Power Amplifier : How to Think Multiple PA Networks for Beam Forming 5G Applications? – Presented by: Vincent Knopik, STMicroelectronicsWMD-2 : Dynamically Changing mm-wave Circuits for Next Generation mm-wave Systems – PResented by: Ali Hajimiri, CALTECHWMD-3 : Circuit and System Architectures for High Data Rate Wireless Backhaul – Presented by: Sorin Voinigescu, Univ. of TorontoWMD-4 : Highly Efficient 5G PA Design: Exciting Challenges and Opportunities – Presented by: Donald Lie, Texas Tech Univ.WMD-5 : Phased Array Antenna System (PAS) for 5G Cellular Communications – Presented by: Hiroshi Okasaki, NTT DOCOMOWMD-6 : Laminate-based Solutions for 5G and WiFi mmW Antenna Front-Ends – Presented by: Steve Kovacic, Skyworks