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Microwave acoustic filters (SAW, BAW) are the prevailing filter technology in RF frontends of mobile handsets, due to their compactness, low price and high selectivity. To keep up with the demand for multiplexers, engineers are usually required to combine (off-the-shelf) SAW/BAW components with RF switches for a multi-band multiplex filter. In this competition, our sponsors Qorvo and Menlo Microsystems will provide the contestants with appropriate BAW and RF-MEMS components. The students are required to design and assemble a band 1/2/3/7 switched multiplexer module. The measurements will be taken at IMS’20 with support by Keysight Technologies. For simplification, only antenna and TX ports are switched. The RX bands are fed separately. Thus, the final circuit will have 6 ports (1× Tx; 1× Ant; 4× Rx).

Detailed Competition Description and Rules can be found at the IMS’20 webpage https://ims-ieee.org.

The IMS’20 SDC has been cancelled due to the Corona pandemic, see https://ims-ieee.org. We will submit the same task for the SDC at IMS’21. Please keep working oin your ideas.