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Advances in GaN Device Technology for Millimeter-wave ApplicationsMillimeter-wave and sub-millimeter-wave applications, such as satellite communications, radar systems, high-speed wireless communications, and newly developed mobile 5G system, have demanded high power and high efficiency devices. GaN device is still a main player for the above frequencies and applications. This workshop will introduce the recent progress in GaN technology in millimeter-wave applications. This workshop will provide the bridge between a system/circuit designer and a device engineer. The workshop will start discussing the required performances for recent millimeter-wave applications including 5G system. After that, the workshop will cover the recent developed GaN devices for millimeter-wave and sub-millimeter-wave operation, device simulation, device modelling, and PA design techniques.1.Hiroshi Okazaki, NTT DOCOMO, “5G Applications (TBD)”2.Nicholas J. Kolias, Raytheon, “Millimeter-wave Applications and Their Requirements for PAs and Power Devices”3.Masaru Satoh, Fujitsu Labs, “GaN HEMT Technology for W-Band High Power Amplifiers”4.Didier Floriot, UMS, “UMS progress on GaN technologies and devices for microwave and millimeter-wave applications (TBD)”5.Keisuke Shinohara, Teledyn, “Challenges and Opportunities for the Advancement of Millimeter-Wave GaN Transistors”6.Matt Grupen, Air Force Research Labs, “GaN HEMT device simulation (TBD)”7.Someone from FBH-Berlin, “TBD”8.Shintaro Shinjo, Mitsubishi Electric, “High SHF GaN/GaAs devices for 5G and beyond”9.Marco Rocchi, OMMIC, “Ka band 100nm GaN/Si MMICs for 5G front -ends ”