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The Rich History of Women in Tech

In my January WIM column in IEEE Microwave Magazine, “IEEE MTT-S MGA WIM Subcommittee: Who We Are and What We Do,” I mentioned two WIM promotional videos that have been developed to educate and inspire women in engineering. In my April WIM column, I delve into more detail on these videos, hoping to encourage all of you to take a couple minutes from your busy day to watch them.

The first one, “History of Women in Tech/MTT-S” (three minutes) tells the stories of great American women engineers who made meaningful contributions beginning in the mid-1920s. It includes profiles on physicist Betsy Ancker-Johnson, actress and inventor Hedy Lamar, engineer and IEEE Fellow Zoya Popovic, electrical engineer and first female IEEE MTT-S president Dominque Screurs, and engineer and first MTT-S female president of color Rashaunda Henderson, to name a few.

The second video, “WIM Sizzle,” (just over a minute) highlights the challenges of being women in a man’s industry and inspires women engineers to keep pushing, supporting each other, sharing our knowledge and experiences, and guiding and mentoring those coming through the ranks.

To learn more about the rich history of women in tech, check out my April column.


-Sherry Hess
WIM Chair 2023