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Within the broad range of topics in high frequency engineering covered by the European Microwave Week, the EuMIC conference is particularly focused on materials, devices, circuits, microwave integrated circuits and sub-systems as well as supporting and underpinning activities in terms of theory, characterisation, modelling simulation and design.

The EuMIC conference to be held in London on October 3rd and 4th 2016 is the 11th in a series that has been successfully and jointly organized by the GAAS® Association and EuMA since 2006. This year’s conference features the presentation of original research findings as well as novel applications spanning the full range of topics of interest to the conference. There is strong interest in GaN-related devices especially for high power applications, but also sessions addressing RF CMOS/BiCMOS components and novel graphene-based devices as well as more traditional III-V technology. Applications range from VCOs and synthesisers, to power amplifiers through to complete transceiver systems, covering frequencies from RF through to microwave, millimetre wave and on to TeraHertz. Characterisation and modelling activities are also strongly represented, with an entire session devoted solely to thermal and trapping effects in HEMTs, showing that these topics continue to be important especially for GaN-based circuits. Several high quality Workshops on topical issues complement the EuMIC technical sessions.

The EuMIC Opening plenary session will feature 2 Keynote addresses by eminent speakers in their fields that nicely balance a futuristic research-oriented agenda with the more practical perspectives of industrial designers. Dylan Williams of NIST in the USA will speak on “THz Transistors and Calibration Challenges” while Liam Devlin from Plextek Ltd. in the UK will deliver a talk entitled “MMICs – Custom or COTS?”. The Closing session will include the traditional Foundry Session gathering several key representatives of RF and microwave semiconductor foundries, as well as a Keynote talk by a world-renowned expert on power amplifiers, Steve C. Cripps of Cardiff University, UK. Steve will give a talk on “Balanced Microwaves”, stressing the need for access to a mature and reliable multilayer integrated process for microwave designers.

Overall, the excellent technical programme combined with a very large industry exhibition and a great social programme located one of the world’s most exciting and historic cities, means that EuMIC 2016 promises to deliver a very rewarding and enjoyable experience for all its attendees.