IEEE Microwave Magazine – January 2023

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The January 2023 issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is now out. We have a wide variety of features in this issue. We have fabrication features regarding additive manufacturing and gap waveguide technology as well as an energy harvesting feature reviewing rectifier circuits. And who doesn’t love 3D printing? We have an article covering everything from the history of 3D printing to printing conductors in substrates. Recently researchers have taken the old idea that if making a hard metal connection is difficult at short wavelengths – then use a gap. And our circuit design feature is everything you always wanted to know about rectifiers. We also have 15 columns so this issue is a real treat for everyone.

As always, for the real overview of this issue check out the Editor’s Desk column. Our January issue is always a treat because we have the President’s Column with the new MTT-S president. Welcome Nuno Borges Carvalho! Enjoy his overview of ADCOM and thanks to our outgoing president for her job well done. We have a number of society related columns. Our Education News lists our 2023 webinars. Our Society News focuses on our Inter-Society Panel and our student chapters. Our Women in Microwaves column reviews who they are and what they do. It is terrific to see this column in every magazine in the past year. Our Young Professionals is about helping others in their research and business development. And our Conference Report has a lot to talk about as we are more and more in person.

Possibly as much fun as the features and our society news are our thinking columns. Our Book/Software Reviews covers the second edition of Radio Wave Propagation Fundamentals. Our MicroBusiness delves into compensation – and I don’t mean for your impedance mismatch. So compression is not just a topic for power amplifiers. Our Microwave Surfing column discusses advances and expectations. Our Educator’s Corner has been tackling more and more mathematical issues. This month it is about matrices, vectors, Moebius or bilinear transformations, and eigenvectors. We read about rectifiers earlier in the issue and our Enigmas, etc. has a look at battery charging when inductors and high frequencies are involved. Our Speakers Corner revisits higher frequency bands and 6G with the implications of high atmospheric absorption. Microwave Bytes gives us a combination of propagation and history with a reminder of how and how much satellite communication has changed our world. Complete with another reminder of a device probably only historians and the mature will remember but is still useful today. Enjoy the tour.

And don’t forget to check out the Conference Calendar. Of course we still need to be careful while traveling but it is great to see each other in person again!

Summary by Alfy Riddle, Ph.D., Quanergy Systems.

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