IEEE Microwave Magazine – May 2022

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The May issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is out! And this issue features IMS2022 Microwave Week. As well as a guided tour of IMS2022 we have five feature articles and a full set of columns. This is a big issue with a lot for everyone. As always, for a real tour of the issue check out the Editor’s Desk column – but for now I will give you a brief overview.

Our features range from Radar systems to metrology to signal integrity. You will get a tour of system design and chips in daily life, Radar for automobiles and health monitoring, how atomic antennas will push the boundaries of sensitivity and bandwidth, how digital radiometers can be realized by using ultrafast IQ sampling, how phased arrays can be developed for over-the-air characterization, and finally the latest in high speed serial link signal integrity. These articles are well written and teach us about a lot more than their titles would imply – enjoy!

The IMS columns show just how many things are happening in Microwave Week. Nineteen different columns! We even have a Quantum Day! You should check the Looking Forward to IMS2022 and General Chair’s Welcome first. And then read about panel sessions, workshops, RFIC, Ham Radio, Boot Camp, ARFTG, Awards, competitions, as well as men & women in microwaves.

As if all of this was not enough we have a terrific set of regular columns! Some columns are more about the society and others are more about technical thoughts. Our President’s Column is always good. She gives us a nice history of the IMS. Then our Women in Microwaves reviews thoughts from women and men about women in microwaves. Our Education News looks at our webinars. And sadly we have another In Memoriam, this one about Bertram Aaron who died at 99 and built his first radio at age 9.

And now for the thought provoking columns. MicroBusiness thinks through both angles of employees and managers. This is a good read for everyone about observing and adapting. Our Microwave Surfing discusses lightning and ice crystals. Our Educator’s Corner describes an interactive waveguide mode visualizer done in the python language. For our mathematical puzzle our Enigmas, etc. column examines a single diode rectifier when source load resistors are the same. And finally our Microwave Bytes column examines power amplifier efficiency while we actively move the goal posts during output power changes. There is a lot to learn in this issue

As always, don’t forget to check out the Conference Calendar.

Summary by Alfy Riddle
Quanergy Systems, Inc.

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