IEEE Microwave Magazine – August 2020

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The August 2020 edition of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is out!

I am pleased to announce that we have a very exciting issue created for you on the intriguing topic of the role microwave engineering plays in quantum computing. When I first learned of quantum computing, I had little idea that microwave engineering is playing a key role in its success. The Guest Editor, Joseph Bardin, has put together an excellent series of articles for the issue, from a primer on quantum computing for microwave engineers to articles describing various ways our community is helping move this new technology forward. A good place to start with the issue is to read the Guest Editor’s column where a roadmap for the series of articles is outline.

The issue also contains more interesting articles for you to read. Begin with the Editor’s Desk to see how these other articles fit into the overall theme of the issue. Students are the future of our society and both the MTT President and the MTT Education Committee have articles concerning education. The Education Committee’s members have awarded this year’s fellowships for graduate students; please read about the projects these students are undertaking, supported in part by this program.

The MTT Society’s beginnings were in the area of radar, and this month, there is a story on early radar develop in Ukraine, where significant achievements were made in L-band pulsed radar in the years before World War II.  The issue also contains our monthly MicroBusiness column as well as a book review on anechoic antenna range design. There is also another challenging Enigma for you to solve.

Don’t forget to check out the conference calendar. Keep in mind, though, that many conferences are having to change plans due to the global health situation, so check the website of the conference that interests you to verify dates and locations of the venue, or if the conference has been changed to a virtual or hybrid conference.

Enjoy the issue!

Submitted by Robert Caverly

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