Pete Zampardi

Pete Zampardi




  • Chair, TC-12 MICROWAVE HIGH-POWER TECHNIQUES, Technical Committees**


Pete Zampardi is a Fellow at Qorvo in Corporate Advanced Development. He received his B.E. degree from Stevens Tech (1986), his M.S. degree from Caltech (1988), and his PhD from UCLA (1997, while working full time). He has worked at Rockwell Science Center, IBM, CNXT/SWKS, and RFMD/Qorvo on a variety of technologies. His current responsibilities include serving as an interface between the design community and technology development teams for modeling, technology development and characterization, design-kits and identifying opportunities to improve both technology and simulation. He has authored or co-authored 4 book chapters and over 200 papers related to devices, circuits, and modeling. He has been an active participant in BCICTS (the merger of Compound Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Symposium (CSICS) and Bipolar/BiCMOS Circuits and Technology Meeting (BCTM)) and IMS. He currently holds over 50 U.S. patents.

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