Education Activities

MTT-S offers various initiatives to students in microwave engineering to encourage our future leaders and key technical contributors. Several initiatives can be participated in from the home location, without the need to travel. Some other initiatives are linked to the International Microwave Symposium (IMS), the flagship conference of MTT-S.

An overview of universities offering microwave engineering programs is visualized on our world map. Have a look at these webpages if you plan to pursue (post-)graduate studies in microwave engineering.

MTT-S has a program to offer financial support to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing full-time programs in RF and microwave engineering. Check out the scholarships and fellowships page for more details.

For an overview of the various student related contests at IMS, consult the Students at IMS page for the upcoming IMS.

Students Newsletters can be found on this page.

Finally, MTT-S student members can also form Student Branch Chapters of the MTT-Society. Learn more here.