Publicity Via the MTT-S e-Newsletter and MTT-S Web Site

Planning and coordinating activities for an MTT-S chapter is a significant effort. You and the members who have helped you deserve recognition. In addition, you have probably had to develop some creative solutions to organizational problems from which Chapter Officers of other MTT-S Chapters could benefit. You should publicize your chapter activities in the MTT-S e-Newsletter and also on the MTT-S web site on the Chapter Reports page especially when you have spent time organizing a major event such as a workshop, trade show or symposium. The MTT-S e-Newsletter is distributed free of charge monthly to every member of the Microwave Theory and Techniques Society. Much of the editorial content of the e-newsletter is devoted to society news, announcements and upcoming events. Send your inputs to the e-Newsletter Editor and to the MTT-S Web Editor. An elaborate write-up is not required. Photographs are desireable for publicizing your activities. A snapshot of your planning committee members and one or two photos of the event with a short accompanying explanation of the pictures makes a great article.