IEEE Microwave Magazine – September 2022

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The September issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is out! This issue focuses on passive networks. Filters, combining networks and impedance transformations have always been a big part of microwave design. This issue has a full complement of columns as well, including the return of Tidbits. For the real overview of the issue check out the Editor’s Desk column.

As usual our features have a lot of depth. Our first feature is a real tour of transformer design with a special interest in integrated circuits and complete design models. Our second feature takes a look at multiband filter and combiner design with lots of examples. And the final passive feature is a tour of filters using split-ring resonators.

So now let’s review our columns. Our society columns start with the President’s Column and a review of the events of this summer and how time can fly. The Women in Microwaves column is a personal tour from Fauziahanim Binti Che Seman. Our Conference report sets up the 25th European Microwave Week, now in Milan, Italy.

And in this issue we have lots to think about. Our New Products column has model libraries, new multiport contacts, small thermistors and EMI shielding kits. But I usually like to start my thinking with MicroBusiness, and this month the column takes on awards and diversity. Our Microwave Surfing surfs along aids to communication in Ukraine. A fairly rare column is Tidbits and this month it features patents and the world of microwave connectors, a truly fascinating evolution of ingenuity. With so much accessible on the internet I still like to hold a book in my hands. This month’s Book Review column is on Noise in Microwave Circuits which covers linear and nonlinear noise sources as well as noise measurements and noise generators. Passive circuits are a large part of our design tools and couplers with unequal power splits can be especially useful and tricky to design. Our Educator’s Corner column tackles the design and simulation of unequal power couplers. A few final thoughts are in our Enigmas, etc. column questioning the input impedance of a single diode rectifier and then a short Speaker’s Corner taking another look at the February Application Note on multi section transformers. I hope you enjoyed the issue as much as I did.

And don’t forget to check out our Conference Corner.

Review by Alfy Riddle, PhD.
Quanergy Systems

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