IEEE Microwave Magazine – October 2022

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Wow! The October issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is already out. The last quarter of the year is here. And this issue features aerospace applications. We have some fascinating features and great columns for you. Plus, a final 2021 Design Competition winner.

Our features start with drones carrying ground penetrating radars. Remember that all our features are written for anyone to read so these are fun opportunities to learn. Our second aerospace feature is about low earth satellites and universal communication. And finally there is an overview of the MTT-Sat Challenge for a payload in space. Our Design Competition winner discusses the design trade-offs in a portable motion-sensing radar.

Next we take a tour of our columns. Please start with our Editor’s Desk which gives you the real overview of the issue. And then the Guest Editor’s Desk gives us a tour of our features. The President’s column is about our wide ranging international community and the travel to get there. And we have our Women in Microwaves on geeks, introverts and communication – something from which everyone can learn. Next our Ombudsman answers questions of which a third were international.

Now our thinking columns start with MicroBusiness which covers meetings, video conferencing, Covid and Zoom. Our Around the Globe takes a fun tour of mathematicians and their discoveries during the 19th and 20th centuries. Finally our Enigma’s, etc. column solves last month’s quiz on the input impedance of a detector circuit.

And as we are moving from pandemic to endemic Covid our Conference Calendar is even more useful so check it out!

Summary by Alfy Riddle, PhD.
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