IEEE Microwave Magazine – December 2022

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The last IEEE Microwave Magazine of 2022 is out! And this being the December issue means we get to learn all about the 2023 IEEE Radio & Wireless Week (RWW). We will give you a brief summary here but for the real summary of the issue check out the Editor’s Desk column, and for all the information on the features and RWW news, check out the Guest Editor’s Desk. We also have our regular columns in this issue so there is a lot to enjoy.

First let’s check out the features. These features are arranged by the RWW committee and promise to satisfy a wide range of interests. We have a system overview on the evolution of radio architectures, a component feature on improving the efficiency of a balanced amplifier by load modulation, a second system feature on the rise of digital RFICs, and finally a component analyzer that works with modulated signals.

There are nine columns describing the events of RWW. We have columns Welcoming us to the Technical Program and then six columns on the events at RWW ranging from silicon monolithics, power amplifiers, space hardware, ARFTG, workshops, IoT, and Distinguished Women in Microwaves. Of course we have our regular columns and they range from informative to thought provoking. Our President’s Column is the penultimate and it covers cake and MTT-S Day. We have many informative columns in this issue. Our Society News covers Technical Committees 6, 9, 15 & 25. Our Women in Microwaves covers the meaning of SHE. And our Conference Report covers everything that happened at IMaRC2021. At Denver we had a really well done IMS. Our Young Professionals had a great time on a fox hunt. Now we get into our thinking columns.

Our MicroBusiness examines the root of the best things in life and work. Our Educator’s Corner takes a deep dive into the matrix analysis of Class E rectifiers. And our Enigma’s, etc. column gives us the solution to last month’s quiz and also references this month’s Educator’s Corner column. Finally there is our Book Review column which covers In-Band Full-Duplex wireless systems. Just reading the review will teach you a lot about this fascinating and challenging system.

And don’t forget to check out the Conference Calendar!

Summary by Alfy Riddle, Quanergy Systems

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