IEEE Microwave Magazine – July 2021

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The July issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is out! And this issue features articles on low noise techniques. Our three features give us a tour of oscillator noise and nonlinear noise modeling. Starting with a look at the basic mathematics of oscillation which unifies Floquet to more modern ideas like an ISF we also take a practical tour through types of noise, noise measurement, systems and devices. And we end by taking noise to the next level of nonlinear devices like mixers and large signal devices. A very nice tour of noise from our low noise technical committee – but I may be biased. Between a feature and a column is an Application Note. And this issue has a fascinating application note on a 100Gbps MIMO digital millimeter-wave radar implemented on an FPGA.

So if the features and application note occupy your initial attention then do not forget the columns. We have a really good set in this issue. Of course start off with the Editor’s Desk which will give you a more in-depth overview of the issue than this short note. And the Guest Editor’s Desk will give you even more background on the features of this issue. We have three informative columns starting with the President’s Column on two lions of our society and a review of our virtual conferences in 2020 – the year of challenge. Our New Products column features a number of amazing and intriguing new products. Also, we have a column on the progress of women in microwaves and the MIKON event.

We also have a set of thought provoking columns. The first is our MicroBusiness which focuses on our lives during COVID. I have often quipped that all of your friends will gather twice in your life – at your wedding and at your funeral. So you better enjoy the former. Last year gatherings were impossible and we miss all of them, both to say we are happy and we are sad. And then there is the technical side of thought provoking. First up on the technical side is The Annual Quiz in Microwave Surfing. The second column is a Microwave Bytes on icons, Smith Charts, bilateral transformations and when circles meet ellipses. And at the other end of the spectrum we have our Enigmas column on DC power consumption for switching operation. Enjoy the issue!

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By Alfy E. Riddle

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