IEEE Microwave Magazine – December 2021

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The December issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is out! Our December issue is special – you get features from the Radio & Wireless Week (RWW) committee, information about the RWW and many of our regular columns. So much to enjoy!

First, our features have something for everyone. We start with a tour of simultaneous information and power transfer (SWIPT), then check out methods for in-band full-duplex information transfer, next we check out the hazards of communicating with probes on our interplanetary neighbors, and finally we get back to basics with matching networks on integrated circuits.

Now maybe you want to learn all about RWW before you dig into our regular columns. We have columns on all aspects of RWW, starting with the chairpersons’ review of the week and the technical chair’s review. Of course, RWW is many conferences so there are columns on SiRF and ARFTG. Not to mention the IoT Summit and workshops. And this year’s Women in Microwaves event features Distinguished Women. Now artificial intelligence and machine learning have been changing technology for years and this conference will look at their impact on microwave engineering. Finally – there are things to do in Las Vegas – so check out the column by Cassandra & Elsie.

Don’t just read my quick tour of this issue – check out the Editors Desk for a more complete review. And the Guest Editor’s Desk for anything the Editor missed. Our President’s column has a look at how microwave engineering has progressed over the decades. And don’t miss our Women in Microwaves column which looks at attracting, scaling & connecting our women microwave engineers. Diversity is essential. And while we are thinking about diversity we can also think about a few more technical challenges. Our MicroBusiness column explores artificial intelligence, machine learning and not being ready for prime time. Our Enigmas column explores semicircles, chords & Poincare length. And our MicroBytes explores historical references, the nonlinearities of clipping, simplicity, and a little math. 

And don’t forget to check out the Conference Calendar! There is life beyond Zoom.

Review by Alfy Riddle

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