Vaclav Valenta

Václav Valenta


European Space Agency


  • Member, RWW ExCom, Meetings and Symposia Committee, Standing Committees**
  • Member, TC-29 MICROWAVE AEROSPACE SYSTEMS, Technical Committees**
  • Speakers Bureau, TC-29 MICROWAVE AEROSPACE SYSTEMS, Technical Committees**


Václav Valenta has been with the European Space Agency since 2016. With over a decade of experience in RFIC design, he’s running internal research and industrial R&D contracts in the area of RF equipment and technology, covering radar, navigation and satcom applications. His research interests include frequency generation & timing, high-power amplification and beamforming concepts in active antenna arrays and FMCW radars. Václav is the ESA lead engineer of a radio-scientific instrument LaRa embarked on the ExoMars surface platform Kozachok. He holds a dual doctoral degree in radio-engineering from the ESIEE Paris, France and the Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic.

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