Ernesto Limiti

Ernesto Limiti




Ernesto Limiti (S’87-M’92-SM’17) is a full professor of Electronics in the Electronics Engineering Department of the University of Roma “Tor Vergata” since 2002, after being research and teaching assistant (1991) and associate professor (1998).

His research activity is focused on three main lines, all of them belonging to the microwave and millimeter-wave electronics area. The first one is related to characterization and modelling for active and passive devices. For active devices, equivalent-circuit modelling strategies have been implemented both for small- and large-signal operating regimes for GaAs, GaN, SiC, Si, InP and Diamond MESFET/HEMT devices. The second research line is related to design methodologies and characterization methods for low noise devices and circuits. Finally, the third line is in the analysis and design methodologies for linear and nonlinear microwave circuits (HPAs, mixers, LNAs …), including their multi-functional integration (Single-Chip front-Ends, Core Chips).

The above research lines have produced more than 400 contributions on refereed international journals and presentations within international conferences. Ernesto Limiti acts as a referee of international journals of the microwave and millimeter-wave electronics area and he is in the steering committee of several international conferences and workshops.

He is actually the head of the EE dept. of the University of Roma “Tor Vergata” and the director of the Microwave Engineering Centre for Space Applications (MECSA), an inter-universitary center grouping more than 100 researchers in 10 italian universities.

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