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Klaus Schilling
Professor, University Würzburg

Prof. Dr. Schilling had in space industry responsibility in Earth observation and interplanetary satellites, before he has been appointed professor and chair for Robotics and Telematics at University Würzburg. He is the president of the research company Center for Telematics. His team built the first German pico-satellite UWE-1, launched 2005 to optimize Internet in space. He received an Advanced Grant of the Eurpean Research Council (ERC) 2012 for research on control of networked distributed satellite systems and an ERC Synergy Grant 2018 for CloudCT to improve climate models by observations with a formation of small satellites.

Steve Reising
Professor, Colorado State University

Steven C. Reising, Ph.D., serves as a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. He is currently the Principal Investigator (PI) of the Temporal Experiment for Storms and Tropical Systems – Demonstration (TEMPEST-D) mission that has demonstrated global measurements using a multi-frequency millimeter-wave radiometer on a CubeSat. For the past ten years, he has served as the PI of NASA programs to develop miniaturized millimeter-wave technology for space in close collaboration with NASA/Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Northrop Grumman and Blue Canyon Technologies.

Arthur C. Paolella
Senior Scientist, Harris Corporation

Dr. Arthur C. Paolella has over 30 years of experience in research and development of RF and photonics technology for space. He is currently a Senior Scientist at Harris Corporation, where he is responsible for R&D of RF, photonic, and 3D printed systems. In 2017, Dr. Paolella received the Governor’s Business Ambassador. He is a winner of the Florida-Israel Innovation Partnership to develop 3D printing technology for RF and space applications. In 2019, he was awarded with a project by the International Space Station National Laboratory to fly an experiment on 3D printed materials.

Jan Budroweit
German Aerospace Center (DLR), Institute for Space System

Jan Budroweit, M.Eng. is working as an expert for satellite communications at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) Institute for Space System. Furthermore he is the team leader for radiation effects in electronic parts and systems at the DLR. He supported several space missions like the nanosatellite “AISat-1” and the small satellite mission “Eu:CROPIS” which has been successfully launched in 2018. Besides his engineering activities at the DLR space missions, his ongoing research areas  involve the development of an integrated multiband communication platform for spacecraft. Further research topics are the prediction, characterization and  mitigation of radiation effects in electronic components and systems (specifically in radio systems and RF devices).

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The IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S) is a transnational society with more than 10,500 members and 190 chapters worldwide. Our society promotes the advancement of microwave theory and its applications, including RF, microwave, millimeter-wave, and terahertz technologies.

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